A Safe Home Environment for Your Teen with Compulsive Personality Disorder

We can work with your child who has Compulsive Personality Disorder, sometimes called Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, or OCPD.  This is experienced as a fixation with perfectionism and control, showing itself in highly driven (often, first born) children.  Your teenager may find it troubling to have to make decisions, and be overly sensitive to criticism, struggle with being accommodating or unwilling to try new things.  It’s because he or she is compulsively striving for perfection in virtually everything being attempted.  He or she may show repetitive behaviors (as in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder*) that are beyond his or her control to stop, have a preoccupation with minutiae, and even be a workaholic.

Your child is likely to labor with his or her own expectations as well as perceived expectations of those around him or her.

Causes are believed to be an interlinking of environmental, genetic factors and unbalanced brain chemistry.

*Note: while sometimes used interchangeably, OCPD is not to be confused with OCD.  An OCD sufferer has unwanted thoughts, but an OCPD sufferer believes his or her thinking to be correct and natural.

Wolf Creek Academy – Here to Help your Teen with Compulsive Personality Disorder

There aren’t any blood tests that can verify your child’s diagnosis; a doctor must determine whether their symptoms and life history meet the criteria.  Your child’s thinking may be so involuntary that he or she does not recognize having this problem, possibly not even realizing it until their world falls apart.

Group/ individual and long-term psychotherapy can be highly effective. Remember that he or she has not chosen to have these compulsive thoughts (and will likely not be interested in changing behavior), so any judgment, actual or perceived, only increases the pressure already being felt.  It is important to give support and encouragement, helping them feel at ease in new ways of thinking, and to accept, rather than judge the compulsive behaviors.

Support groups are an excellent adjunct, as a means to gain emotional and social support from the community, assuring your teen’s independence and stability.

A Hope and a Future for Every Child

Wolf Creek Academy is faith-based; a professionally team staffed residential boarding school, here to help your struggling or rebellious teen.  Our program instills integrity, accountability, responsibility and character while providing your child behavioral counseling and a quality education.

Our family-model lifestyle offers a safe, nurturing atmosphere that encourages developing skills, particularly in building positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers. The staff works with our boys and girls to teach them independent skills and valuable life lessons that will prove indispensible for building their future.

Counseling is provided for teens who struggle with behavioral and emotional problems, and they meet with a licensed certified counselor once weekly at a minimum.  Daily group sessions are used to address issues of anger management and respect of authority, self-respect, or other relevant issues.  The non-threatening atmosphere of this small group session allows them to learn from one another, and they can realize there are appropriate ways of managing their respective behavioral difficulties. Regular psychiatric monitoring is available for students who require medication.

The accredited Lighthouse Christian Academy supports the mission of Wolf Creek Academy, to help students master curriculum knowledge with the Accelerated Christian Education system.  Whether moderately paced learner or high achiever, all children are enabled to work at their own ability and appropriate level in our classroom settings, and our therapeutic and nurturing environment is a safeguard for success.

Designed to meet the learning needs of the individual child, students advance at their own pace; most often an accelerated pace which boosts self-respect, repairs self-confidence and promotes security for a successful future.  They are recognized and rewarded for value, effort and significance in learning.

So many teens have lost sight of a clear and positive future, but we see so many reach for their highest potential when given the tools and education to do so. Please call Wolf Creek Academy at (877) 477-9653 if you have tried everything, and are ready to see your problem child develop into a successful young adult.