A Safe Home Environment for Your Teen with Histrionic Personality Disorder

Does your teen seem uncomfortable when not the center of attention, or is sometimes very quite animated and theatrical, expressing exaggerated and larger-than-life emotions?  Have you seen his/her interactions marked by tastelessly provocative or seductive behavior, maybe even believing that relationships are far more intimate than is true?

You may find your child being manipulative, taking steps to stay at the center of attention, even within the family.  S/he may have trouble focusing on homework and tasks, and find school uninteresting.  Romantic relationships may be quickly started and then abandoned for the thrill of new ones.

If these sound familiar, your teen might be dealing with Histrionic Personality Disorder, which is characterized by extreme attention-seeking actions and intense emotionality.  This disorder can produce inappropriate and chancy behavior; find him/her relentlessly seeking reassurance, with hypersensitivity to critique, easily irritated or with irregular emotional states (with feelings that may all be articulated with the same depth of emotion), or lacking ability to put off gratification.

If this Disorder is present, your may see boredom with usual routine, and coming across as “fake” or shallow in relationships.  Your child will also be at greater risk of depression and co-morbid disorders (meaning, two or more simultaneous illnesses).

Wolf Creek Academy – Here to Help your Teen with Histrionic Personality Disorder

There is no specific test for diagnosing Histrionics, and no recognized origin (though the disorder may be linked to stress or childhood trauma).  Behavior and symptoms will be weighed and form the basis of evaluation.

Approaches will likely not focus on a long-term personality change but, instead, short-term alleviation of difficulties. Few people have the time or cost required to fully “cure” this disorder, and this should be understood to release any thoughts of a “magical” cure.

Psychotherapy (specifically cognitive behavior therapy) is most often used for Histrionic Personality Disorder, usually working to find appropriate boundaries, and self-development to reduce the behaviors that can result in risky conduct.  Group therapy is sometimes used, but it presents the hazard of providing a stage and audience from which attention and affirmation for (negative) behavior patterns can be found.  Family therapy may have the same downside, but may still be useful to by enabling the whole family to more appropriately respond to histrionic behaviors and symptoms so as to not encourage further bad conduct.

A Hope and a Future for Every Child

A faith-based therapeutic boarding school, we instill character, integrity, responsibility and accountability, all while giving your struggling teenager the opportunity to achieve a quality education.

Wolf Creek Academy’s family-model lifestyle offers a safe, nurturing environment that encourages teens to build positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers.  Our professional staff works with students to teach them invaluable life lessons and independent skills that will be beneficial for their future.

We educate the whole child from a Biblical worldview, assisting with their spiritual, physical and emotional development.  We believe children should be built up, loved and nurtured with appropriate discipline, and that every student is unique with potential.

Counseling is provided for teens struggling with behavioral and emotional problems, and they meet with a licensed certified counselor at least once weekly.  Daily group sessions address anger management issues and respect of authority, self-respect, or other relevant issues.  The non-threatening atmosphere of this small group session allows them to learn from each other appropriate ways of managing their respective behavioral difficulties. Local psychiatric monitoring is available for students who require it.

Every student is dual-enrolled with the accredited Lighthouse Christian Academy, whose purpose is to support the mission of Wolf Creek. Whether a high achiever or moderately paced learner, children work at their own ability and appropriate level.  We help students master curriculum knowledge via the Accelerated Christian Education system, utilizing daily classroom type settings, and providing any additional tutoring needed. Our therapeutic and nurturing environment is a safeguard for success.

Students thrive while having the opportunity to advance at their own pace; most often an accelerated pace which boosts self-respect, repairs self-confidence and promotes security for a successful future.  Our program is designed to meet the learning needs of the individual child and each one is rewarded for their efforts.

So many teens have lost sight of a clear and positive future, but we see so many reach for their highest potential when given the tools and education to do so. Please call Wolf Creek Academy at (877) 477-9653 if you have tried everything, and are ready to see your problem child develop into a successful young adult.