A Safe Home Environment for Your Teen with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Diagnosis for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) includes many of these symptoms: an indefensible expectation of especially favorable treatment, a grandiose sense of self import, being immersed in fantasies of idealized love, or immeasurable power or success, utter lack of compassion, taking advantage of others, requiring disproportionate admiration,

We can help your teen with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (also called Narcissism), a learned behavior disorder in which he or she is exceptionally self-absorbed, exhibiting extreme vanity.  A Narcissist believes him/ herself to be particularly “special” and unique, and may be condescending toward others, acting as if no one else is quite on their level.

Wolf Creek Academy – Here to Help your Teen with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

If not treated, complications may extend beyond problems at school and with relationships, to include depression, substance abuse, and even suicidal thoughts.

Schema therapy is a combination of elements from cognitive, behavioral and gestalt therapy along with object relations’ treatment, and one of the more effective treatments.  A main purpose of this treatment would be to reduce your teen’s insistence that others see him/her as s/he wishes to be seen, and adapt instead to reality.

In serious cases, he or she can be controlling and self-absorbed, even intolerant and judgmental of the therapist’s thoughts.

 A Hope and a Future for Every Child

Wolf Creek Academy is faith-based; a professionally team staffed residential boarding school, here to help your struggling or rebellious teen.  Our program instills integrity, accountability, responsibility and character while providing your child behavioral counseling and a quality education.

Our family-model lifestyle offers a safe, nurturing atmosphere that encourages developing skills, particularly in building positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers. The staff works with our boys and girls to teach them independent skills and valuable life lessons that will prove indispensible for building their future.

Counseling is provided for teens who struggle with behavioral and emotional problems, and they meet with a licensed certified counselor once weekly at a minimum.  Daily group sessions are used to address issues of anger management and respect of authority, self-respect, or other relevant issues.  The non-threatening atmosphere of this small group session allows them to learn from one another, and they can realize there are appropriate ways of managing their respective behavioral difficulties. Regular psychiatric monitoring is available for students who require medication.

The accredited Lighthouse Christian Academy supports the mission of Wolf Creek Academy, to help students master curriculum knowledge with the Accelerated Christian Education system.  Whether moderately paced learner or high achiever, all children are enabled to work at their own ability and appropriate level in our classroom settings, and our therapeutic and nurturing environment is a safeguard for success.

Designed to meet the learning needs of the individual child, students advance at their own pace; most often an accelerated pace which boosts self-respect, repairs self-confidence and promotes security for a successful future.  They are recognized and rewarded for value, effort and significance in learning.

So many teens have lost sight of a clear and positive future, but we see so many reach for their highest potential when given the tools and education to do so. Please call Wolf Creek Academy at (877) 477-9653 if you have tried everything, and are ready to see your problem child develop into a successful young adult.