Anger and Hatred In Teens

During the past couple of years, America has seen a tremendous upswing in bullying and cyber-bullying among our teenagers.  The videos, You-tube, and newsreels are almost hard to even view due to the graphic nature in many of them.  As parents observe those reported incidents, it leaves them with a lump in their throats, especially if they fear their child may some day be the perpetrator or the one doing the cyber-bullying.   Could the anger in their child possibly reach a level causing them to act out in such a manner?

Where does this anger come from, and how can a parent know if their child has the potential to do serious harm, whether physical or emotional, to another?  How is a parent to know if their child is a candidate for Anger Management classes?   How is a parent to know if their child would ever act on the hatred that is being stuffed in them for another young person?   If you are a parent wondering about some these very things, then you must begin to take a serious look at what can be done to help your child before it is too late!

At Wolf Creek Academy, we work with those students who have struggled with repressed anger through a number of methods including individual and group therapy.   Both types of therapy is essential for the adolescent harboring hatred in their hearts for other youth, family members, or a person responsible for hurting them in the past.    This emotion will not just go away as they mature or get through this phase. In order to detect the level of hostility, a parent must pay close attention to all activity of their child including comments on Facebook, journals, etc.  Once you are certain that your child has been dealing with repressed anger through verbal agressions or other means, you must be prepared to move forward to obtain the appropriate help for them.   Many parents will schedule counseling sessions for the student; however, the hostile adolescent may not easily cooperate with the therapist or even make an attempt to go for the session.  If that is the case, then parents must find other sources of help for their child and family through outside intervention.

The anger demonstrated in the home by your teen is only a cry for help!  They are, most likely, feeling as though they could explode in a moment without any warning!  They feel helpless and don’t know where to turn to rid themselves of the inner turmoil haunting them!  You, as the parent, must gain control and take measures to help the entire family through a process of counseling, separation, or whatever it may take to bring about healing for your child and family.

At Wolf Creek Academy, we strive to help families in need by thorough evaluation and counseling for the child and family.  Anger and Hatred must be diminished in our youth through a process that takes time and work, but is certainly worth every minute or dime that it may cost!  It could be your child’s saving grace!

Dr. Patricia Jones