Therapeutic Boarding School for Teen Girls

girl.thumbnailAs little girls begin to grow up and enter the teen years, many things begin to happen within their physical, emotional, and spiritual makeup.  The beautiful little girl who was once “daddy’s little darling,” always wanting to be the center of mom and dad’s attention,  is now beginning to withdraw from that arena and seek out an audience outside of the home.  The family vacations, the family get-togethers, traveling to and from church together as a family, accompanying dad on any little errand, now becomes a thing of the past for her.  She is seeking her own independence and is possibly becoming friends with many whom mom and dad do not even know.  Her world is changing drastically, and she is moving through it with great speed — to an unknown destination that may easily scare us as parents!

The issues of a teenage girl differ somewhat from those of a teen male.  Female adolescents tend to mature at a much earlier age than males.  It becomes quite evident that she is blossoming physically, but what we may not see is that she is maturing and changing drastically inside.  Her emotions are in a tailspin as her hormones lend to send her on a journey seeking validation to her many moods.  The adolescent female may now become a target for any male seeking to spend a little time or attention, thus giving her the validation she needs to feel significant.  She may no longer crave the attention from daddy, but she is still desperate for male attention!

Change may appear in the way she now dresses, whether slightly seductive or simply “fashionable” to a degree that mom and dad are not approving of.  Change may become evident in her vocabulary, the amount of time she chooses to spend with the family, and the amount of time she spends on her computer or cell phone while in the home.  School may or may not be as important as it once was.  She may be drifting away from her involvement in sports or other interests that, at one time, were appealing to her.  How do we, as parents, know if all of this change is becoming a serious issue for our beautiful daughter?

When your daughter turns a teenager you may became acutely aware that serious changes are taking place right before your eyes!  Some of those changes are merely signs that she is maturing into that beautiful young lady and approaching the “teen years”.  Some of the noticeable changes that may cause you alarm are those afore mentioned regarding her dress and her vocabulary.  She may be hanging around a different crowd and trying desperately to keep some of her friends away from the family.  The daily argument can begin when she appears at the breakfast table dressed in attire that is not suitable for school or even on the streets!

Danger Zone!

When those changes in the teen years are no longer representative of the subtle changes that should be presenting, and they appear to be putting your child’s safety or future in jeopardy it is time to consider whether your teenage daughter is approaching a danger zone.  The teen years can become like a time of tug-of-war for your girl who longs to follow family values but is struggling to know who she really is.  This is where the need for therapy comes in.  Your attention must be now drawn to keeping her safe from herself until she is comfortable with whom she is and is making good choices for herself.

If counseling is not working, and you see a steady decline in attitude, behaviors, or poor academic success, you should begin to consider whether your teen is in need of a full-time therapeutic environment.  Being extracted from all the demands of her peers and the common distractions may be the answer for her healing and normal emotional development.   A therapeutic boarding school environment could prove to be the thing that she, as well as your whole family, needs to get through the difficult teen stage.

Wolf Creek is a therapeutic boarding school that has worked with struggling teenagers age 13 to 17 for over 20 years. Our highly trained professional counselors specialize in behavior therapy including anger management, suicide prevention, social development, improving depression or mood swings, substance abuse issues, self-harm, opposition, and respect of authority.

Education and counsel for the whole family is a must and is included in the Wolf Creek therapeutic treatment plan for a successful transformation of the struggling teen. Our therapeutic boarding school offers the best of professional teen counseling and academics at a lower cost as compared to many similar therapeutic boarding schools.

We can help your struggling teen get past this Danger Zone. We have a limited number of placements available in our therapeutic boarding school. Call for more information today!

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