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Wolf Creek Academy Education Department

Quick Fact Sheet

“A hope and a future for every child”

School Purpose

The school’s purpose is the support the mission of Wolf Creek Academy.  Our belief is – “A Hope and a Future for Every Child”.  Our mission is to provide a quality education to each student and help students master curriculum knowledge via the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum and system.  The education department supports the mission of WCA through classroom functions, diagnostic testing, prescribed curriculum, staff training, and, participation in the three (3) tiered system of evaluation, care, and treatment.   Students are given opportunities to learn accountability and responsibility through specific classroom procedures.

Educational Concept

The educational concept of Wolf Creek Academy is centered on five basic concepts of learning:

  • The student must be placed on a level of curriculum where they can perform.
  • The student must set reasonable and appropriate goals that are attainable in a prescribed period.
  • The student must receive motivation through encouragement and support and achieve control through guidance and discipline in order to assimilate, use, and experience the material.
  • The student’s learning must have appropriate measurement applied to the results.
  • The student’s learning must receive recognition and reward for its value, effort, and significance.

 Accreditation and Curriculum

We dual-enroll our students with Lighthouse Christian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee for accreditation.  Wolf Creek Academy (WCA) uses curriculum designed by Accelerated Christian Education (ACE).  Our school operates as a designated Quality School as defined by ACE.  All academic decisions are guided by the parameters of that designation.  You may hear about PACES and for a better understanding of PACES and to see a sample, visit  On the home-page, select the curriculum link in the left column; then choose the 4th Edition button on the top menu bar.  There you can read about PACES and electronically leaf through some sample paces and get an understanding about PACES and how they work.  Briefly, there are 12 PACES per course, equaling one credit.  Each PACE has a test and the 12 tests are averaged for the final grade.  Science lab work is achieved through DVD’s and reports completed by the student.  Students must obtain at least an 80% on each test, if not, that PACE is repeated.  PACE courses are self-contained units and students research material for answers.  Staff members in the classroom are always prepared to assist students, and we have tutors to assist in math or science.  We are a one room classroom and may have students from the 6th grade up to 12th grade.  We do not “teach” in the traditional sense from the front of the classroom.  In our system, students must read and research their PACES for answers.  Each PACE contains 3 check-ups and ends with a self-test.  These “checks” demonstrate understanding and learning and alerts the Supervisor when a student is struggling and needs more attention and help.  All check-ups and self-tests must be corrected to 100% accuracy before a student is permitted to take the test.

Transcripts and Transfer Credit (please read closely)

Upon receipt, posted credit will be transferred to our transcript program.  We do not transition students into classes based on report cards.  WCA awards only half or full credits.  Therefore, if a student arrives in the spring term, and no credit is posted for the fall semester, then the student must take the full course for credit; irrespective of class average.  Students arriving with half credits must take the last half of any course regardless of their transfer averages.  WCA requires students to complete 6 credits and complete a minimum six months of residency for a full transcript to be generated showing all previous credit earned.   Otherwise, WCA will supply a transcript for just the credits earned here. Student transcripts will bear the name of Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Block Programs, Semester Programs and Quarter Programs

It is critical that parents understand the style of program their child is in prior to making placement with WCA.   It can have a huge impact on class assignments here.    WCA is a traditional semester school.  We can award half credits at semester break or full credits at the end of the school year.  High schools with block programs assign four classes for the fall and spring semesters.  In a block program, the block must be completed for your child to earn credit.  If you exit your child prior to finals, they will not earn credit in a block program.  This means your child must repeat all subjects from the fall or spring, regardless of grade average, if they exit prior to finals.

Quarter programs only award credit at the end of the full school year.  If your child is in a school using the quarter system, your child will have to begin all current subjects from the beginning when they transfer here. (unless the child’s school year has ended)

Placing Senior Students for Graduation Enrolled after October 15th of a School Year

Because we dual-enroll our students with Lighthouse Christian Academy, WCA must follow their policies and procedures.  Students completing graduation requirements with WCA/LCA must be enrolled by October 15th of the current school year, if the goal is to graduate in the current school year.  Seniors enrolled anytime after October 15th can still receive a diploma through WCA/LCA, it is just a difference in how that happens.  Contact the Director Education if your child may fall into this category.

First Class

New students are placed in Etymology: a course on the origin of language.  This class will transfer to any school and it is perfect for new students in transition.  It keeps them busy earning elective credit, as we await their transcript.

 Grade Point Average

Usually, grade point averages drop, because WCA has a stricter grading scale then most schools.  A=94-100; B=88-93; C=80-87.   If transcripts list a numeric average, that average is posted in our system.  If letter grades are listed, we use the mid range unless the letter grade includes +/- wherein, we select appropriate averages.  But, an 80% grade, a “B” in most schools, is a “C” in our system.  When exiting, and continuing in another school, the grades will convert to the grading scale in use at that school.  WCA and LCA post both numeric averages and letter grades on transcripts.

ACT, SAT (college entrance tests) and Stanford Achievement testing

WCA routinely schedules students for college-boards.  In April, we implement Stanford Achievement testing for 6th, 9th and 11th graders as required by the state of North Carolina.  Testing results are posted on their academic record.  Parents are billed for testing costs.

Dual Enrollment – WCA does not accommodate dual enrollment for college credit.

Driver’s Education – we do not accommodate completing driver’s education.

AP Testing – we do not administer AP testing nor transport students so they may take an AP test.

Other High school credits/enrollment – WCA does not allow simultaneous enrollment in other schools.  Students may not complete courses for other schools while enrolled.

 Contact Information

If you have further questions, please contact Dean Caldwell, Director of Education.


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