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Wolf Creek Academy provides a safe home environment for teens who have lost sight of a clear and positive future. They are all students who are quite capable of becoming mature and dependable young adults when given the proper direction. In our therapeutic and academic program, many will learn to reach for their highest potential while being given the tools and education to do so.

We are recognized as a Private School by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education. Our accreditation is via dual-enrollment with Lighthouse Christian Academy, Nashville, TN. Our school is on-site where the students learn in a small class environment offering individualized attention.

Adoption And Reactive Attachment Disorder In Teens

Last week I took a visiting parent into our girls’ classroom to introduce her to our students at Wolf Creek Academy.  The girls were warm and friendly to her and were eager to answer all of her questions regarding her fears about placement of her 14-year old daughter who has dual-diagnosis including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder.  The mother was quite surprised at the insights of the students regarding her own daughter’s issues.  Many of the girls in the classroom openly expressed their own issues relating to their own diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder.  At the end of the visit, I asked the girls how many of them were adopted, and much to the visiting parent’s surprise again, fourteen out of the eighteen students in the classroom lifted their hands.

It is quite evident that many adopted children may suffer from Reactive Attachment Disorder, whether formally diagnosed or not.   It is also possible that many adolescents have been misdiagnosed with other behavior disorders that are very similar in nature to Reactive Attachment Disorder.  The symptoms may include many of the same traits found in several other behavioral disorders.  However, adoptees are not the only individual who can form attachment issues.  Anyone who has suffered early abuse, neglect, or frequent change of their primary caregiver may also suffer from attachment disorder.  The caregiver’s lack of responsiveness to the child may serve to promote such insecurity and later leading to attachment disorders.

As children get older and enter their teen years, you may begin to see the traits widen and manifest in various ways.  Rebellion, disrespect, lying and stealing,  lack of remorse for their actions, an inability to properly engage with the family, as well as anti-social behaviors seen outside the home, may become the “norm” for the teen.  The teen will have difficulty forming healthy, long-term relationships with friends or family members and be content to move from one friend to the other once they have “burned those bridges”.

At Wolf Creek Academy, we work with the families to help bring about reunification  for the family while helping their child to learn how to cope with the insecurities that have been instilled within their innermost being.  We treat the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the child to help create a feeling of “belonging” and “wholeness” in the child.   Wolf Creek Academy currently works with adolescents from around the US and is now available for placement.

Dr. Patricia Jones

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Wolf Creek is a residential therapeutic boarding school with a professional team designed to help struggling or rebellious teens. We are faith-based. Our program instills integrity, accountability, responsibility, and character while providing the teen girl or boy behavioral counseling and a quality education.

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A safe, nurturing, family-like atmosphere provides a place for students to develop skills of building positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers.

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Please don't believe the false claims you may see about WCA online. Fact is, several atheistic individuals have posted false or misleading statements about WCA online, in an attempt to discredit or sabotage us and other faith-based programs. Without taking legal actions, which can be expensive, drawn-out, and often ineffective, there is no way to eliminate these statements. If you find such statements as you research our program, please give us the opportunity to explain them, or check into the background of these organizations or individuals and you will understand their motives.

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Wolf Creek Academy Founders The Wolf Creek therapeutic boarding school was formed in the hearts of Jim and Dr. Pat Jones. For more than thirty years they worked with and counseled teens from around the country, making a tremendous impact on their lives. Pat passed away in 2013. Today, the legacy of this dynamic and energetic couple is being lived out by a qualified team of professionals who run the operations of Wolf Creek Academy.