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Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Boarding School Environment

Wolf Creek Academy provides a safe home environment for teens who have lost sight of a clear and positive future. They are all students who are quite capable of becoming mature and dependable young adults when given the proper direction. In our therapeutic and academic program, many will learn to reach for their highest potential while being given the tools and education to do so.

We are recognized as a Private School by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education. Our accreditation is via dual-enrollment with Lighthouse Christian Academy, Nashville, TN. Our school is on-site where the students learn in a small class environment offering individualized attention.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

therapeutic boarding schoolOur therapeutic boarding school provides students with the necessary counseling, mentoring, structure and time to internalize positive change. The residential treatment program usually lasts from six months to a year, allowing time for the teenagers who come here to experience stable behaviors and positive mindsets. This fosters personal growth, healthy self expression, inspires academic excellence, and teaches individual responsibility and service to others.

Parents participate in quarterly seminars and retreats in order to build mutually respectful and responsible relationships. The major goal of our therapeutic boarding school and residential program is to realize true healthy growth and assist in the creation of a positive future for each student and their family.

Students at WCA are under constant supervision with staff members guiding them throughout the day. Our therapeutic boarding school is in a beautiful rural setting in the rolling mountains of North Carolina, allowing students to explore nature and enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, swimming, skiing, and camping while attending our therapeutic boarding school.

Our professional counselors work with our students in individual and group sessions, as well as through experiential therapy, art, music, drama, dance or writing; all outlets for pent-up emotions.

Students who come to WCA may also have substance abuse issues, which are common among troubled teens, even if the parent is unaware of them. If so, they benefit by getting out of their old environments and away from negative peer groups, and by living where alcohol or drugs are not available. While they are in our residential program, they work through levels and master techniques that help them deal with triggers and relapses once they get home.

Other students who come to us have diagnoses such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), anxiety and depression. Our specialized therapists work intensively with such student in those areas where they need the most help. Depending on the individual, this might be mastering social skills, controlling mood swings, or finding new ways of coping with anxiety, anger, and other such feeling states. We also work with the child’s psychologist and dispense medications as needed.

Most students who are enrolled in therapeutic boarding schools; however, are because they have behavioral issues or need anger management, or they have psychological and emotional problems around issues such as adoption, family conflict, divorce or negative peer pressure. Our therapists help these residents understand their conflicts, learn better ways to communicate and interact respectfully with others, and how to set positive goals for their lives.

Teens with behavior problems usually experience sudden academic failure, which is a red flag to their parents to get help. So, they come to us.  When we address the emotional problems, they perform better as students and can often get caught up and excel academically. We offer credit recovery programs where students can earn academic credits faster than in a traditional public school.

Our therapeutic boarding school intake process involves psychological testing, interviews with both parents and teens, and reports from teachers and counselors in the home environment. Our therapists will work with family members on a regular basis as the child is on our campus. We also provide a strong after-care component to help the students keep improving once they leave our residential school.

Therapeutic boarding schools can be expensive, but the cost is nowhere near what some other programs charge.  Yes, it is costly to have the kind of professional staff we employ full-time on campus.  We have worked miracles for many families and welcome you to learn more by inquiring today.

We appreciate your including us in your search for therapeutic boarding schools for boys and girls.

Ours is among therapeutic boarding schools that can move your child toward restoration. To find out more, we invite you to explore our website, then complete our inquiry form or call us today at (877)477-9653.

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Our Therapeutic Mission

Wolf Creek is a residential therapeutic boarding school with a professional team designed to help struggling or rebellious teens. We are faith-based. Our program instills integrity, accountability, responsibility, and character while providing the teen girl or boy behavioral counseling and a quality education.

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A safe, nurturing, family-like atmosphere provides a place for students to develop skills of building positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers.

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Disclaimer Regarding False Reports Online

Please don't believe the false claims you may see about WCA online. Fact is, several atheistic individuals have posted false or misleading statements about WCA online, in an attempt to discredit or sabotage us and other faith-based programs. Without taking legal actions, which can be expensive, drawn-out, and often ineffective, there is no way to eliminate these statements. If you find such statements as you research our program, please give us the opportunity to explain them, or check into the background of these organizations or individuals and you will understand their motives.

About the Residential Treatment Center

Wolf Creek is a residential therapeutic boarding school with a professional therapy team designed to help struggling or rebellious teens. We are faith-based. Our program instills integrity, accountability, responsibility, and character while also providing the teenage girl or boy in our care the needed behavioral counseling. We also provide an accredited education while the child is here. We can help your struggling teen. We have a limited number of placements available, so please call us today!