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boarding schoolWolf Creek Academy is located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. The students, ages twelve through eighteen, live in a home with houseparents and assistants having a student to staff ratio of 6 to 1.

Family Life

A family-model lifestyle is presented with students living in the home with a husband and wife team along with assistants. Houseparents may have a child of their own living in the home as well. A safe, nurturing, family-like atmosphere provide a place for students to develop skills of building positive relationships with authority figures as well as their peers.

boarding schoolRespect for the home as well as family members is modeled prompting a new appreciation for those things that may have been taken for granted. Students will help with daily chores such as meal planning, cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc., and will develop individual skills as they are mentored by the houseparents, assistants, and other positive role models in the home. The staff works with students to teach them independent skills and valuable life lessons that will prove to be beneficial for building their future. boarding school buildings Structured activities within the home are conducted on a regular basis encouraging students to become more physically active thus promoting a sense of well-being and building self-esteem. Houseparents will effectively communicate with parents of students on a weekly basis as they call in to speak with their child. Reports are verbally given at the end of the weekly phone call as well as weekly email reports including progress in areas of academics, counseling, and cottage life.

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