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Going through the teenage years is difficult and may require parents to get very creative when it comes to building self-esteem in their child.  In a day when society and the media give a clear message of what is supposed to be the acceptable image, many teens are left with the empty feeling that they just don’t meet the grade!

At Wolf Creek Academy, located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, we strive to promote an environment where all students can feel a sense of accomplishment and peer acceptance without compromising their own values or principles.  We provide a positive academic environment where students can get the one-on-one help they need without feeling intimidated or labeled.  In addition, we promote physical well-being through a variety of outdoor activities that allows each teen to participate, no matter what limitations they may have.  Building self-esteem is a top priority for Wolf Creek Academy!

With winter being just around the corner, we are beginning to prepare our students for upcoming skiing and snowboarding at the local ski resort.  As a part of our normal physical exercise program, we take our students to the slopes for our winter PE activities.  This serves as an awesome tool for building self-esteem as well as team spirit.  Many of our students come to us from areas where they do not see snow, and they are always so excited to see the first flakes fall.  Most have never gone skiing, therefore, they find themselves at the same level of performance with a willingness to lend a hand to their fellow classmates.  It is an amazing experience for all of them and leaves them with an improved self-esteem and tools that will help them for a lifetime!

Dr. Patricia Jones, PhD