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Christian Boarding Schools with Counseling in North Carolina

As You are Looking for Christian Schools in or near North Carolina for a Troubled Teen, Would You Consider Wolf Creek Academy?

best therapeutic boarding schoolsWhen you search around Hickory for a residential program for troubled teens, we invite you to look also at Wolf Creek Academy. Perfectly situated in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, Wolf Creek Academy serves teenage boys and girls on different parts of its campus who have ongoing behavior difficulties, strained family relationships, and other emotional issues.

Wolf Creek Academy helps its students find their God-given purpose and identity to become a better version of their previous selves. We do this by focusing on building relationships and calling out behavioral issues as they happen, and working on them. We create an individualized therapeutic plan and work on it daily in an environment of love. We purposely utilize adventure, unique experiences, and healthy fun to enhance the therapeutic environment and build self-confidence and a sense of identity that will help them find success now and for a lifetime!

Wolf Creek specializes in attachment disorders and other serious relational and self-destructive behavioral difficulties in boys and girls.  

Our staff is highly qualified and trained to deal with and treat various psychological disorders that many other boarding schools that call themselves “therapeutic” are not equipped to handle. We are a faith-based program devoted to integrity, character, and personal responsibility. Each of the teens who attend our program can learn to be productive citizens when given guidance and a chance to reach their potential. Wolf Creek Academy sets up a protective home environment for teen boys and girls who lack direction. Residents live in a comfortable home with a married couple of house parents and residential assistants. In our family model, teens help with daily chores typical of home life and discover how to respect authority and relate well with their peers.

best therapeutic boarding schoolsParent involvement is important to the effectiveness of our therapeutic boarding school program.

Parents stay informed with weekly verbal and email reports and participate in their son or daughter’s progress. Every day starts with small group counseling sessions related to anger management, respect for authority, and many other important topics to teens. Weekly individual sessions help teens make progress toward their behavioral goals. Also, we have a risky activities program to deal with issues related to drug abuse and other addictive behaviors like eating disorders or cutting.

Our accredited school lets students find success at their own pace.

best therapeutic boarding schoolsUnder our fully accredited Christian curriculum, students can fill in gaps in their education and work successfully at their particular speed. Teachers and assistants monitor progress through the classwork and help students who need extra input for their work. Credits transfer easily to public and private schools, and those who complete the curriculum earn a high school diploma.

Our recently added skills development center teaches a skilled trade and vital skills for any manufacturing environment, including welding skills, shop safety, work ethic for first-time employees, and other disciplines. To keep teens physically active, we run daily PE classes, including many different sports and seasonal outdoor adventure activities, including hiking (the Appalachian Trail is nearby) and skiing. Every week, social activities also vary and may include bowling, movies, church, visiting museums, plus more.

Wolf Creek Academy wants your son or daughter to learn a more productive and positive way of life, improve their academics, and improve their decision-making abilities.

We provide a loving, home-like environment with professional counseling to show teens how to choose the right path. The North Carolina mountains offer a beautiful setting for restoration and growth. We invite you to explore the many resources on our website, especially the word from our director about why parents choose residential programs, as you continue your search.

Wolf Creek is a Christian school just for boys and girls aged 13 to 17 who have emotional or behavioral difficulties. 

We can help your teenager. Call or email us for more information today!

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