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boarding school for troubled teensWolf Creek Academy is where families with troubled teenagers turn for help — it is where teens are intentionally molded into better and more confident individuals, day in and day out.  We focus on behavioral therapy and character-building, but also on academics. These are the stepping stones to a better future. Our team makes this happen by building a relationship with each student and their family. We work with each student as an individual and extend our arms around the family throughout the process.

What is the difference between a group home and a residential boarding school for adolescents? Which would meet the particular need of my child? What are the benefits of a group home, and how would I know which one would be the best fit for my teenager?

These are all very legitimate questions that parents searching for help for their teenagers may ask. Parents need to know that their child will be safe and that they are going to have their needs met in whatever residential place they choose for their child. Group home or boarding school?

A group home may be very similar to a therapeutic boarding school, depending on its services. If the group home provides counseling by licensed therapists and offers on-site school, they may be very close to a therapeutic boarding school. The biggest difference may be the number of residents in the group home versus the boarding school.

Typically, group homes are not a school, but primarily a home that utilizes a nearby school for their residents. A therapeutic boarding school can provide therapeutic services and an on-site academic environment for the student, thus allowing closer oversight and structure. This system also limits outside communication and activity that may hinder certain students’ recovery processes. The controlled academic environment may prove to be of great benefit for the teen. Some teens have a strong need for social interaction and may do much better in a boarding school with many students, whereas some students may be more comfortable in a group home with a smaller number of students.

A group home would typically range from four to eight students, whereas a boarding school may reach much higher numbers and allow varied activities and sports. Group homes will normally provide a range of services for the residents, just as a boarding school will do. It comes down to what a parent feels will best meet their child’s needs and fit within the budget they can afford. It is always important to research licensure of group homes or boarding schools to make certain that the facility complies with their state regulations and adequately meeting the needs of the community they serve.

Please feel free to email us or call at your convenience for discussion and information on boarding schools or group homes. At Wolf Creek Academy, we address most issues that today’s teens are facing and will be happy to help your family with making a decision on the level of care for your child.

boarding school for troubled teensWhen You Need Help with Your Teenager

If things should become increasingly difficult to continue a normal family life, you may need to consider whether the adolescent may need more care than what can be provided in the home. Many parents seeking help for their child often wait until things have become so difficult that the family has split, and they even fear for their own safety and the safety of the other children in the household.  Some wait until the teen does something illegal or violent to another person, and then it is too late. In those situations, they find themselves possibly making hasty decisions that may not be the best for the adolescent or the family in the long run.  When serious defiance surfaces in a teen and counseling do not help, a full-time therapeutic environment may be necessary for the child’s future. If you find that you are at your wit’s end and are doing all that you know to do and need help, seek residential treatment for your child before he or she ends up in serious trouble.  

Wolf Creek is a group home with defiant teenagers, boys, and girls aged 13 to 17. For over 30 years, our highly trained professional counselors have provided behavioral therapy, including anger management, oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), and respect for authority.

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