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Teenage Depression

The teenage years are sometimes very difficult to conquer and the can lead to depression.  The teen with poor self-esteem or a minimal sense of self-worth can certainly find themselves in a dark valley, and in some cases, a deep hole they cannot get out of themselves, called “Depression.”  Seeking a way out of feelings that they find unbearable and cannot cope with may lead them further down a more lonely and darker road.  Some may self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, which can make matters worse.

Parents need to be aware of some of the key indicators of teen depression. It could save their child’s life.   For instance, here are some of the warning signs:

teen depression• Eating habits that change drastically
• Sleep patterns (less than seven to eight hours or significantly more sleeping and unwillingness to get our of bed)
School performance suffers (grades dropping, dropping classes)
• Secretly engaging in risky activities
• Withdrawal from normal peer group or family members
• Lack of interest in hobbies or other activities
• Neglect of their appearance or a change in hygiene.

All of these can be indicators that your teenager may have depression — something is going on with your child and these must not be overlook or considered as normal teenage behavior.

Most depressed teens have thoughts of suicide and sadly, far too many follow through on those thoughts.  Suicide is the third largest cause of death among young adults, age 15 to 24.   It is the fourth largest cause of death among the younger and pre-teens age 10 to 14.

Keep in mind that there is a link between a lack of sleep and teen depression.  A 2010 study reports that teens getting eight hours of sleep were less likely to be depressed or to have suicidal thoughts.  Make sure your teenager is getting plenty of sleep and not staying awake after you go to bed.

Teen depression cannot be overlooked!!   We must take it serious and look for positive way to effectively reach our teens before they become a part of a statistic!   If your child is isolating or is showing any of the above indicators, don’t wait too long before seeking help from professionals.   Early assessment and treatment can get your child and family back on the right track with improved relationships.

Wolf Creek is a therapeutic boarding school that has worked with depressed teenagers age 13 to 17 for over 30 years. Our highly trained professional counselors specialize in teen therapy, including depression.

Education and counsel for the whole family is a must and is included in the Wolf Creek therapeutic treatment plan for a successful transformation of the struggling teen. Our therapeutic boarding school offers the best of professional teen counseling and academics at a lower cost as compared to many similar therapeutic boarding schools.

We can help your struggling teen get past this Danger Zone. We have a limited number of placements available in our therapeutic boarding school. Call for more information today!

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At Wolf Creek Academy, our professionals successfully treat teenage depression and help teens begin to desire to live life to the fullest!   For help with your child struggling with teen depression, please call us or fill in our inquiry form.