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My daughter returned home from Wolf Creek Academy almost a year ago and the change in her is nothing short of miraculous. I cannot say enough about the program, the entire staff (including therapist, program directors, academic director, even accounting!), and the love they pour into each student in their care. My daughter has had nothing but praise for them as well, and that’s quite an endorsement. She is a new person emotionally and academically, achieving new goals that we hadn’t dared dream about. This summer we are visiting colleges, something I wasn’t sure would ever be in the cards for her, and we are more excited for her future than ever before! WCA and its amazing staff have been a huge blessing to this family. Our warmest thanks!


One year ago, we were at a point with our child where we didn’t know what to do and we made the decision to send her to Wolf Creek and it totally changed her life! It was a perfect place for her to separate from her surroundings and social media! Wolf Creek is able to professionally handle whatever your child is struggling with. The staff is wonderful, and they show discipline when it is needed, and they also show love throughout the process as well. The partnership with the Rock Church was incremental in our daughter’s development and helps separate Wolf Creek from other boarding schools.Our daughter was able to recoup her grades through the Wolf Creek Pace System and the excellent direction of the teachers. Like many things in life, you get out of Wolf Creek what you put into it and we would highly recommend Wolf Creek to anyone!! Tommy and Roseann McDonald


I attended Wolf Creek for 8 months and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have gone there. My relationship with my parents was improved greatly and I am much happier now than I was a year ago! I improved my accountability, integrity, and patience… things I need in life. I love and miss the staff so much; they care and want to help kids like me. The church we attend is wonderful and everyone there is very welcoming. I am so thankful for God and that he placed me at WCA when He did. I highly recommended sending your son/daughter there if you think they need to. The time away from my home was well worth the results! I will forever be grateful to Wolf Creek and the staff.


I can’t say enough positive things about Wolf Creek Academy! They have helped my son in so many ways. He was angry, anxious, withdrawn and slowly going down the wrong path in life. The staff at Wolf Creek Academy helped me through one of the toughest and agonizing decisions of my life and has provided the love, therapy and guidance that my son needs during one of the most trying times of my family’s life and his. They have given both my son and I the hope that I thought was lost. Thank you, Wolf Creek Academy for the great life skills during his 10 month stay.


I cannot say enough how thankful my family is that we found Wolf Creek Academy. Our son just completed their program and he is such a different young man. During his stay, we went to Wolf Creek on different occasions to visit with him. Each visit we were able to talk with all the boys, staff, and house parents. We always had honest, sincere conversations with the staff about our son. The love, care, and concern that they had for him, and still do gave us such peace. Our son showed us with pride his room, where they ate, the schoolhouse, the pond, the creek, and all the neat things surrounding Wolf Creek. His confidence in school went up considerably. The team-building activities they did were incredible. He gained a new appreciation for God. He also made some amazing friends that he will forever share a bond. Our son is always sharing stories about how the boys would encourage each other, hold them accountable, but yet, they had fun. As parents, we were scared. Within 2 weeks of him being at WCA, we had not one doubt that we made the best decision ever for him. I don’t know what we would have done if it was not for WCA. The weekly emails from his teacher and from staff were always sent on time and gave us a great sense of what he had been doing that week. I have never seen such hard-working, dedicated people as I saw at WCA. My son misses them. I know it’s a hard decision, we have been there. Wolf Creek was a saving grace for us and I can only give them praise. Thank you, Wolf Creek.