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New Boys Lodge is Almost Finished!

boarding schools for teens

Wolf Creek Academy is almost finished doing the most exciting remodel on our boys’ lodge in many years! This remodel will extend into the staff apartment and upgrading it into three separate full bedrooms for our students. Each bedroom will house four students. Each bedroom will have a full bathroom with double vanities. The current lodge has been gutted and transformed into a large open floor plan consisting of an upgraded kitchen, a larger living area, and a dining area. We are so excited about this remodel, as it will add over 900 square feet of living space at our teen boarding school for troubled teens.

boarding schools for teensWolf Creek Academy’s philosophy is to help its struggling teen students find their God-given purpose and identity to become a better version of their previous selves. We do this by focusing on building relationships and calling out behavioral issues as they happen and together working on them. The new dorm remodel will assist with this philosophy.

As any of you who have been through a building or renovation project knows, it is often a hurry up then

boarding schools for teens wait scenario. It is a long process, but we often tell our students that they must trust the process as they work through the phases of the WCA CLIMB program. The CLIMB Program at Wolf Creek Academy weaves our Adventure Therapy, Student Life, and Academics together. In each phase of CLIMB (Choosing, Listening, Implementing, Maturing, Believing) the students have goals to meet in each facet. We are keeping our own advice in mind and trusting the results will be worth it!!

At the Wolf Creek Academy Girls Lodge, we are also doing a small remodel. We are taking part of the staff living space and turning it into a staff office and a food storage room. The Girls Lodge is where the main office is. The Lodge has four rooms that sleep four students each, an updated semi-commercial kitchen (updated in 2016), a large living room, a large dining area, and a good-sized art room. 
boarding schools for teens

Wolf Creek Academy provides at-risk students with a safe, nurturing, family-like atmosphere to develop the skills necessary to have positive relationships with both adults (authority figures) and peers. Our lodges follow a “Family Model” where each student has routines and responsibilities to help the family as a whole function successfully. Respect for the home as well as one another is modeled, helping students to appreciate some things that they might have been taking for granted before Wolf Creek Academy.