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Teen Counseling

wolf4On the first business day after the student’s admission, a counselor will meet with the student to assess his or her individual counseling needs.  risky activities counseling, along with a twelve-step program is available for those struggling with these specific issues as well as meeting other addictive or destructive behaviors such as cutting, eating disorders, etc.  Each child will receive weekly counseling with a licensed certified counselor on a regular basis or more frequently as determined necessary.  Parents will be kept well-informed on the progress of their child through phone calls or emails from the child’s assigned counselor.  Our counselors encourage parents to be available for phone conferences as well as participate in on-site family counseling as they visit with their child.

Small Group Sessions

Each day begins with daily group sessions addressing issues of anger management and respect of authority, self-respect, risky activities or other issues relative to today’s youth. These groups are conducted by the counselors.

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Small group counseling sessions provide a safe environment whereby students may interact, vent, and learn from one another, appropriate ways of managing their respective behavioral difficulties. Most are capable of relating with other teens and will easily become transparent, thus allowing their inner-self to be exposed and eventually promote healing in various areas of their lives. This non-threatening atmosphere will encourage emotional growth and will allow each student the opportunity to become understanding and accepting of their own identity.

Students taking medication requiring monitoring by psychiatrist are seen on a regular basis by a local adolescent psychiatrist who works very well with our parents and our students. Students may also be evaluated by the psychiatrist as requested by the parents.

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