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Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools are ideal for troubled teens. Wolf Creek Academy is a highly acclaimed therapeutic boarding school that provides specialized services to aid your teenager with their behavioral, emotional, or mental health issues.

therapeutic boarding schools
Therapeutic boarding schools are the accepted answer for troubled teens when traditional school or outpatient counseling programs aren’t able to help them change their unhealthy behavior.

therapeutic boarding schoolsSituated in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, Wolf Creek Academy serves teenage girls and boys from across America — teens with a history of behavior difficulties, damaged family relationships, and other emotional problems. WCA is a faith-based ministry focused on integrity, character, and accountability. Each of the teens who attend our program can learn to be productive members of society if given guidance and the ability reach their potential.

Wolf Creek Academy provides a nurturing home environment for teen boys and girls who have gone off course. Residents live in a comfortable home run by a husband and wife team of houseparents and assistants. In this family-like model, girls and boys assist with daily chores typical of home life and discover how to take ownership, respect authority, and get along with peers.

Wolf Creek has worked with struggling teenagers age 13 to 17 for 30 years. Its highly experienced licensed therapists focus on behavior therapy including anger management, suicide prevention, social development, treating depression or mood disruptions, substance abuse issues, self-harm, defiance, and respect of authority.

Keeping Parents Involved in Restoration for Your Entire Family

therapeutic boarding schoolsParent involvement is crucial to the effectiveness of our boarding school program. Parents stay informed with weekly verbal and email reports and participate in the progress of their boy or girl.

For the teen, each morning begins with small group counseling sessions regarding anger management, respect for authority, and several other topics of importance to teens. Weekly individual sessions help teens make progress toward their counseling goals. In addition, we have a substance abuse program to handle issues related to drug and alcohol use and other addictive behaviors such as eating disorders or cutting.

Wolf Creek is a therapeutic boarding school enrolling both genders year-round. It provides an accredited education program, including college preparatory education. WCA’s therapy is designed for teenage boys and girls with a pattern of behavior problems, tense family relationships, or other emotional problems. WCA’s goal is to transform the lives of troubled teens and their families.

Why Teens Enrole at Wolf Creek Academy

In spite of the compassion and support of their family, some teenagers will develop worrisome behavior that begins to spiral out of control. If you are the concerned parent of such a teen, you might be searching for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens. Such therapeutic residential programs are often the best solution when a teenager’s actions threatens to damage their future and overshadow their potential. These therapeutic alternative schools provide honest help and intervention that gives troubled teens the chance to remain safe and turn their life around.

Therapeutic boarding schools can be the most effective way to overcome the struggles facing troubled teenagers. They offer long-lasting, effective change by intensively addressing issues and attitudes on many levels.

therapeutic boarding schoolsWolf Creek Academy combines academic, therapeutic, and recreational programs into a broad experience that can produce true, permanent transformation. Students who attend this program recover academically, develop self-worth, and re-discover interest in the future. Applied experience earned in this program teaches teens confidence and skills to overcome real life conflicts and difficulties throughout their life after graduation.

Therapeutic Focus

therapeutic boarding schoolsTherapeutic boarding schools are especially designed programs, aimed specifically at teens requiring clinical help and intervention. Negative behavior in teens is usually a result of deeper seeded issues, and the treatment at these boarding schools seeks to uncover and deal with those core issues. By dealing only with teenagers with behavioral issues, this program is highly focused and specific to the treatment of these disorders.

Wolf Creek Academy utilizes licensed, experienced, and compassionate therapists and counselors that provide counseling, in both personalized and group settings. We have experience dealing with many typical teen issues, including ADD/ADHD, abandonment issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).

A controlled environment like the one provided at this program offers the kind of consistent therapy that is most effective at reaching these troubled teens.

Academic Repair

therapeutic boarding schoolsWCA has a team of licensed teachers dedicated to fixing the academics of troubled teens. The goal of the academic program here is get troubled students back on track and restore what is, very commonly, a lackluster academic record.

The therapeutic component of the program also helps teenagers to recover their inherent motivation for learning, which they will bring with them long after completing this program. Students are provided with an individualized lesson plan that is individually tailored to help them achieve appropriate grade level performance that positions them well if they choose to pursue farther education after their time at WCA. 

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Therapeutic Recreation

Troubled teens usually need to learn how to enjoy themselves in healthy and positive ways. This aspect of the program is necessary in teaching teens how to love and enjoy life again. It’s often a thrill to introduce our students for the first time to activities including hiking, biking, camping, sports, and skiing  – all with the intentionality and supervision to teach them cooperation and re-kindle their enjoyment of the outdoors. Beyond simply the wellness that comes with good, regular physical activity, these teens learn how to set goals, develop trust with their peers, and overcome obstacles in real time which builds self-esteem and confidence!

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Components of highly successful therapeutic boarding schools

therapeutic boarding schoolsNot all therapeutic boarding schools are identical. Each school differs in its techniques and can be more or less successful when dealing with different types of student challenges and the individual. This means, success rates can differ and you should search through the options to find the proper specialization for your teenager. 

Wolf Creek Academy, located in North Carolina, can guarantee that we have your child’s wellbeing at the front of everything we do and our entire staff will do anything within the range of the program to help them. We have hope for you and your teen. Troubled teens have never travelled too far down an unhealthy road to be successfully rehabilitated.

From therapy to work skills to academic repair, Wolf Creek Academy will assist your troubled teen and provide him or her with a successful future.

If you have a son or daughter who is exhibiting self-destructive behaviors or attitudes, Wolf Creek Academy can help. WCA enrolls teens from the east coast and all across America. We have years of experience in this field and love working with teens who need extra help. Call 877-477-9653 to find out more.