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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Virginia

If You are Looking for Therapeutic Boarding Schools in or near Virginia for Your Teenage Son or Daughter, Would You Think About a Boarding School in North Carolina Instead?

As you search around Virginia and other states for a residential program, we invite you to look also at Wolf Creek Academy. Even though it is not located in Virginia, Wolf Creek Academy is dedicated to the family restoration and putting teens back on the right track for a bright future. If our therapeutic boarding school does not suit your family, we will also help you locate one that does.therapeutic boarding school

Believing Teens Can Reach their Full Potential

Perfectly situated in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, Wolf Creek Academy serves teenage boys and girls on different parts of its campus who record behavior difficulties, broken family relationships, or other emotional problems. We are a faith-based program focused on integrity, character, and personal responsibility. All the teens who attend our program can be productive individuals when given guidance and the opportunity to reach their potential.

Wolf Creek Academy offers a nurturing home environment for teen boys and girls who have lost their way. Residents live in a comfortable home run by a married couple team of houseparents and assistants. Within our family model, boys and girls participate in daily chores common to home life and learn to respect authority and interact with their peers. therapeutic boarding schoolEach morning, for the teen, starts with small group counseling sessions about anger management, respect for authority, and many other topics of importance to teens. Weekly individual sessions help teens make progress toward their behavioral goals. Also, we have a special therapy program to deal with drug use or other addictive behaviors, for example, eating disorders or cutting.

The Wolf Creek Accredited School Lets Students Find Success at Their Own Pace

Students can complete missing credits in their education and work successfully at their unique pace in our fully accredited Christian curriculum. Teachers and assistants monitor progress through the material and help students who can use extra assistance with their work. Credits transfer easily to public and private schools, and those who complete the curriculum earn a high school diploma.

Our new skills development center teaches a skilled trade and vital skills for the manufacturing environment, including welding skills, shop safety, work ethic for brand new employees, and other disciplines. therapeutic boarding schoolTo help keep teens physically active, we conduct daily PE classes, including several sports and seasonal outdoor adventure activities, including hiking (the Appalachian Trail is nearby) and skiing.

Every week, social activities also vary and may include bowling, movies, church, visiting museums, and more. Wolf Creek Academy wants your child to grow into all that he or she can be.

We offer a loving, home-like environment with professional counseling to help teens get back on track. Though we are not located in Virginia, the North Carolina mountains give a beautiful restoration and growth setting. We invite you to read the many resources on our website, specifically the word from our director about why parents choose boarding schools. At the same time, you continue your research in Virginia and elsewhere.

Thanks for including Wolf Creek Academy in your search for therapeutic boarding schools for boys and girls in and around Virginia. Please think about looking beyond Virginia to learn how our therapeutic boarding school can lead your child toward restoration. To find out more, we invite you to investigate our website, then use our inquiry form or call us today at (877)477-9653.

Wolf Creek offers help for troubled boys and girls aged 13 to 17. For over 30 years, our highly trained professional counselors have provided behavioral therapy and educational repair.

We can help your teenager. Call or email us for more information today!

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We hope you will think about our therapeutic boarding school, even as you search for therapeutic boarding schools in or near Virginia.